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Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott


  • Uhhhh. What happened to Street Justice? I am so sorry but this is a problem that should have been neutralized. Under NO circumstances should sellouts promoting and profiting off our Genocide see tomorrow. Zero tolerance family. Zero. Trafficking has lots of LE ties so the Po po likely released them to carry on.

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  • The sad part is they are probably working for WS. Damn shame. We have too many sellouts.

  • I tried to sign up when creating my account. It didn’t go through as the cvc was a pop up and I didn’t notice the zip code box. I’m here now though…

    WTH is going on with these dudes/ Africcans grabbing kids, and what were they going to do? Now I’m starting to wonder if this has anything to do with all of the missing women and kids from our community. Could they be selling them overseas? Just questions at the moment, but will definitely keep my eye out for anything similar to this.

  • I tried to use coupon code STIMMY, but I am beginning to think it was part of the hack, I have been trying to select a payment plan but the site won’t let me go back to pay. Can someone please help me

      Phillip Scott
    • Nothing is hacked on our website. We have a team for security of this site. Try the coupon code again. It will work until May 30,2021

  • Shout out to the Real Dr. Phill! This is so sad, especially when it’s us.

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  • I would not be suprised if those two were working for them folks

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