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Phillip Scott


  • Very sick especially just throwing money at this grown man..who got problems..why would they hire somebody like this.?🤦

  • Phill I moved to to from my it was a stepping stone I got my stuff together a little bit now I move to atl ga been had my passport. We really have to stick together and get out I was thinking that guy was going to grab a gun

  • I didn’t see this until now. But I was being sincere. What’s going on is uncontrollable. It’s why I need time, but my heart is still the same. I’ll only post updates on my new neighbors on Twitter and FB until I return.

  • No one is understanding the situation. I’ve tried my hardest to explain it’s about collectives, not individuals. I never wanted to be the face, but the strategist. I’m guessing no one was told about the email that was sent voluntering to be the source of information if someone else was willing to bring it home. The plan would have worked, as it was working. But my mind hasn’t been firing on all cylinders since the seizure. It’s why my sentences are becoming increasingly choppy, it takes me forever to complete a thought, and I get distracted jumping from topic to topic without completing the first one. I tried to explain this in my last video, but maybe it wasn’t coherent either. I also tried to explain on Twitter and FB the situation I’m in with all of these new neighbors in the last few days, that has never happened before. Today, the gas station I always go to had all new employees except one. I’m not in fear, but If anything happens, I only hope someone will expose it.

  • I’m going to write up a written 1-2 min statement and simply read it off tomorrow morning. That way I will not over talk, and simply say exactly what I mean, my intent, my heart. If I try to freestyle it, I will fail right now. I need to get the CT scan, see if there is still blood on my brain, if so.. is it more or less… IDK. But I know I need to be silent right now. So I will simpy read off a prepared statement, and zip it verbally until I’m back up to speed. But, if possible… please keep an eye on my Twitter account for updates on my neighborhood and all of these new neighbors, and new employees at the one gas station I go to 3 to 4 times a week.

  • I should have explained here first, and should have written out the second portion of my last video. But I wanted it to be from the heart. Brother, I am still here and know who will be leading the charge. It’s why I said there are plenty of people who have been doing it for a long time already. Although, I still plan to return when I’m at 100%. Hopefully, they will welcome me back.. It’s why I said I hope to be able to return as a link within the chain… I know my mind was all over the place, but hopefully you recognized my heart

  • Hey, Mr. Phil. I just downloaded the app but I can’t watch on app do to restrictions, but I can watch on Chrome with no worries. What did I do?

    • You need to sign out of the app and completely close it. Then resign back in it would work from there

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