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Brothas Knock Out Coward For Beating On A Woman

 Brothas Knock Out Coward For Beating On A Woman


  • This is sad that men would beat up a woman. It doesn’t matter how much that person make u mad walk away. It should not have gotten to this point.

  • How the hell are we suppose to watch the video if there is no place to hit the play button?

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  • So what should be done to a woman who attacks and beats up a man? Will there be women who will knock out a woman who hits a man as well? Will there be double standards in enforcing law between men and women who do wrong to each other? This is for clarification of community policing versus vigilantism aka “street justice”. Just as it is said that a man is not a man if he puts his hands on a woman, so is it that a woman is not a woman if she puts her hands on a man. I look forward to your response whenever you can. Thanks, my friend.

  • Everyone has a right to defend themselves. But my question to you is this who is the stronger of the two, the male or the female? Who can overpower the other, the male or female? I’m not sure that to have a discourse to prove we all need protection when one of the genders is far more powerful fits this narrative. We should protect the most vulnerable at all cost at all times.

  • i disgree

  • if any one put their hands ome me I am going to return the favor

    • You have yet to mature. A strong man walks away, that is where the strength lies.

  • Brother phill the cops are not responding to calls in Atlanta as a show off force and to make a statement. We as black ppl should step up and apply for these jobs to show them they are not needed to monitor our communities.

    White supremacists tommarrow also want to Twitter spam trump and qouted “he must not fail”
    They want to bully spam him tkmarro8on his twitter page and force him to send militia or military to shoot protesters.
    I have copied one of their post so that we are informed of the mazungas evils and for any coon that thinks conservatives are their friends:

    Operation Liberty Attention Everyone : Tomorrow is the anniversary of a war crime.  Then as now Jews seek to sink our Liberty.  Years ago , they hurt a lot of people but ultimately failed.  Let us hope history repeats itself. Tomorrow Stormfront and allies in the White Nationalist Movement invade and occupy the fake news site of twitter.  Email everyone you know. Everyone with a twitter account must tweet Trump. All day and all night.  Use your imagination but plaster his page with memes about gun control, the lives of the victims and animal rights .  I have tried to keep the White Nationalist Movement out of this since a race mixer and his colored henchman  But one thing all memes should have in common is the Tony Timba murder, and a call for the President to call out the militia.  Nothing frightens the enemy like American gun owners. We have got to light up Trumps twitter page like a Christmas tree.  If any one can make a Christmas tree meme about all I want for Christmas is for President Donald Trump to call out the militia to protect American citizens of all races.  This is not an attempt to hurt anyone who is different from us. But even people as unpopular as we are have certain unalienable rights.  Everyone who reads these words, spread them.  The hour is late, and I’m sorry about the short notice but on the bright side the enemy has even shorter notice.  The loudest voices do not represent the most people but unfortunately the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  We have one way to reach President Trump directly.  Be nice but firm, the Secret Service has even less sense of humor then I do. ” These ppl are sick

  • I know right LOL LOL

  • There are many videos out there of women fist fighting when their brother, cousin, son, or friend gets hit by a woman. Women also do the same when another man beats up their man. Women are very protective in nature. I know if any bitch put her hands on my man or my nephew they gettin the fist of Odin rained on they ass

  • Walking away all the time is what gives these people the sense that they can do anything they want

  • Yes there is no play button.

    • You have to pay for a membership to watch content.

  • It always depends on the situation. Keep your hands to yourself and stay out of peoples face. Privilege can break down.

  • News should be free. Have those who wish to donate.

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