Connecting The Diaspora One Story At A Time

Phillip Scott


  • Outstanding!! Pull up Season already in progress

  • Anyone ever notice these folks never act up in places like the Middle East or China? Don’t know when the day will come that African lands will start exercising authority on those that engage in this behavior.

  • She wiped her butt without getting out the car.

    • She whipped her butt without getting out the SUV.

  • She got quiet when the sista gave her the works. LMFAO

  • Texas Nigga Slave From Charleston White Crew gave you that pimp slap.

  • Brother Phil,

    I called myself cracking a koke with you. But, It was intended to show I was offended, but at the same time do it in a light hearted way. Much respect Big Brither

  • Them folks better leave Black People Alone. This insn’t the times of the nonviolent movement anymore. Also, her dumb behind went to the car to go see the sista. That was a dumb move on her part, but she got that work though and that’s all that matters.

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