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Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott


  • Humankind like him must be removed, not reassigned. The George Floyd Justice in Policing Act will not remove him off of the force over this. Intensive mental testing coupled with lie detector test must be done to all potential cadets prior to entering the academy, as well as the ones currently on the force. Any issues (racism, sexism, misogyny etc.) and they either are denied entry into the academy, or kicked off the force if currently employed.

  • Yes it is a reflection of those departments in that area. I was raised there and have nothing but bad memories and encounters. Luckily I moved away before I could get caught up in their web of BS. But trust and believe they as a collective have that same mentality. What many of us don’t realize that yes this whole country is bad, but that part is especially toxic. Hell they still have an ARMY fort named LEE!!! They will hold on to their roots no matter what positing they are in.

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