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Phillip Scott


  • Hi Phil, I had purchased a 1-month subscription 2 months ago and I contacted support two to three times because for some reason I can’t watch the content on here, plus I no longer see the subscription options. May the problem be fixed?

    • We checked everything and you’re good now. You should be able to see the content and we gave you a year for your trouble.

  • I agree Phil. When it comes to policing specific neighborhoods, the officer should represent the community at the very least. I’ve been to many Chinatowns, Koreatowns in the US and Canada and it was rare to see a non-Asian cop patrolling the area. It mostly has to do with language barriers. San Francisco Central station in Chinatown and surrounding areas has it’s own police unit and is fronted by Asian captains. It’s unfortunate Black communities are not politically vocal to the point these issues can be repaired.

  • Man that was a smooth take down they could have used my force but since God is in them they did what they had to not what they could.

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