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Corrections Policy

The team at strives to provide honest and accurate news stories. In the event that incorrect information is provided, we encourage you to reach out with further statements, insights, and other information.

Below, you will find our full policy on story corrections.

Defining A Correction

Any change made to a page. Changes may include adding additional information, correcting a false or misleading statement, including a statement from an involved party to provide their own viewpoint, or the removal of content or an entire story because of news that has been proven false.

  1. Additional information. Do you have additional information about breaking or developing news story? We use the “Update:” term to share additional, verifiable information, for our members.
  2. Correcting a false or misleading statement: In the event that a quote or piece of information is false or misleading, we will update the statement or remove information from the article. Our policy is to note the inclusion, removal, or change of statements within the article.
  3. Providing A Third-Party Viewpoint (involved in the story): If an organization or person is involved in a news story and would like to provide their own retort or share additional information we will update the story to include the “Update:” or similar moniker along with the provided statement.
  4. Removal of Content / Stories: In the event that a fact is proven false with additional information, will immediately remove the false content from the posted story. If an entire story is proven to be false, will provide any involved parties with two options.
    1. The complete removal of the content from the website.
    2. A written retraction posted on the same URL, notifying readers about the retraction and the reason for the retractions.

In every case, we believe in being fully transparent with our readers and will update any publicly-facing channels as needed to alert them to changes, additions, and removal of stories posted on

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