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Phillip Scott


  • Will you post videos here as well??

    • Yes our policy will be to post here daily starting June 1st. But we’re starting this week to get in the swing of things. It’s many stories we haven’t covered due
      to it not being allowed on YouTube. We will also have livestreams here as well.

  • ?

  • This is much better. On youtube you can’t even point facts that the alphabets don’t like. You can’t always talk about police brutality. This is long overdue. I am working on a book titled White Resume and in it I will itemize the many different ways that white power harms Black people. Stay tuned.

  • You’re right because they will take the content down. This is why it’s important to start doing stories on our own website. That way we can reveal all the facts and truth.

  • I can’t wait to read White Resume’!!!

  • How do I achieve dual citizenship with Africa?

    • First thing you must find out what country you would like to reside in. Then find out if it’s a dual citizenship country. I suggest visiting multiple times.
      Then try to stay in that country on a 90-day visa. If you like it then try to obtain residency first then citizenship.

  • And they brought that s**t over here in the US. Even white folks don’t eat that mess.

    • That’s why we all need to clamp down on the Chinese. It’s always been a running joke in my hood that to watch your cats or dogs around them.
      This video confirms why people always stated that.

  • I must say I’m very proud of your progress thus far. I really enjoy factual commentary, I have ordered so much literature because I experiencing a surge that’s intense to educated myself (now that I have ample spare time) on different subjects. Your news channel does not feed my hunger as I thought it would. The articles that I found interesting I can’t enjoy diving into because my membership is on the monthly plan level. I sincerely looked forward to enjoying this channel’s content and watching you and your work evolve. I’m sorry but I must cancel my membership as of June 24, 2020. Resources are limited at his time. Best Wishes.

  • I joined the website.

  • This is so awesome, brother Phil, to able to view and comment on your direct website, without interference from Youtube “micro manageing our stories and statements! Shalom and continued blessings!

  • Awesome move Phil. A platform free of WS influence.

  • Yea Phil u talking HEAVY on this jawn

  • I like your website and your discussions. I totally agree with you about those nasty wet markets. We don’t have to eat everything that crawls. Yuck!!

  • You know I love dogs as much as the next person as a pet but that’s there culture who is to say keeping a dog as a pet is normal. Pigs are just as sociable and friendly as dogs and Americans don’t mind eating pork. Personally I don’t eat either but I wouldn’t be so emotional like this woman is if I saw Chinese people eating a dog. In many countries they eat all types of weird shit like monkey, squirrel, zebra at the end of the day our diet evolved to what was available around us in the region we were in. So food is food I’m just sayin

  • That’s just nasty. They farm dogs like farmers here raise cows.

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