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Jacksonville Race Soldiers Disgusting Behavior Against A Black Woman EXPOSED

 Jacksonville Race Soldiers Disgusting Behavior Against A Black Woman EXPOSED
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Phillip Scott


  • Esau is slowly perishing out of the earth. That’s the only blessing in this.

    • What is happening to my people

  • They should all lose their jobs.

    • These race soldiers are punks, liars, dogs and devils 😈

  • Those race soldiers are bunch of scumbags, pigs and devils. This is one of reasons why babylon is falling

  • They should be fired ASAP n jail!!!

  • I’ve been to Florida under legal regard. This is EXACTLY how florida police treat Black People! And first of all WHY DID HER MAN LET HER CONFRONT THESE NEANDERTHAL MEN ON HER OWN?!?! WHY WAS HE STANDING THERE SAYING HE WAS SCARED!?!?

  • That’s beyond discussing… those scumbags should be fired and never become a race soldier again…wow amazing…

  • Micah Xavier Johnson.

  • I have beenpaying very close attentionto what the whites have been getting away with worldwide,and I’m sick of it, something needs to be done about this police losing their jobs is not enough.
    It’s time that they start to feel pain the likes of whichthey have been putting on us black people… seeing what they did to this young worrior princess really saddens my heart, and I wouldpush up my life in an attemp to make them sorry for what they have done.

  • We must protect our women and kids even if we have to die and kill some people

  • All I can say is, I’m glad the boyfriend didn’t do anything. He would be dead now. Absolutely horrible. I hope their fired. But then again only in America.

  • These people lie every chance they get even when on camera

  • Terrible. Hope her family has a great lawyer.

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