Phillip Scott

Phillip Scott is the Principal and Journalist at African Diaspora News Channel. Phillip was born in Port Arthur, Texas. After graduating high school, he pursued his Bachelor of Theology degree from Triumph Bible Institute.
After years of being frustrated working jobs, he didn’t feel was fulfilling him. Phillip discovered YouTube back in 2009. He started making YouTube videos as a hobby on his days off. He noticed with time that people were interested in his commentary on topics in society. After losing a job in 2012 he took a leap of faith. Phillip used his 401K funds to start Advise Show Media. Phillip’s leap of faith in himself proved to be a great move. Advise Show Media grew on YouTube to over 800,000 subscribers
Phillip was invited to Ethiopia in 2018 after he posted a story on Ashenda. That story opened up Phillip’s first trip to the African continent. The trip was life-changing and he knew something had to change with his current platform. The idea for change came at 2 am to go from Advise Show Media to African Diaspora News Channel.
That change shocked many but end up growing to over 1.2M subscribers with contributors from many countries. Phillip believes that we should never be afraid to live out our dreams and complete the mission we were given in life by God. Phillip knew that being on social media websites wasn’t enough due to the limitations of being on websites he didn’t own. Phillip created as a place where his brand of news doesn’t have to be watered down.